Classic Overnight Oats with Mangoes

Overnight Oats! Well, if you are hearing this term for the first time, let me start by giving you a quick introduction about the same. Overnight Oats is nothing but an easy, no-cook version of the oatmeal that is more like a dessert, so much tastier, creamier and denser than the regular stove-top cooked hot oats. Served chilled straight from the refrigerator, it makes for a wholesome meal to relish during summers. Not to mention, its quite a versatile dish in terms of flavorings; one can flavor it with fresh fruits of their choice, chocolate, Nutella, or just plain simple nuts and seeds. My version of this overnight oats comprises of a simple base topped with a couple of tablespoons of fresh mango puree, some chopped peaches and cherries and a sprinkle of sliced almonds and pistachios. You can go for the same base recipe and top it with any fruits that are in season; let me tell you creativity is the key here. So, make your brains do some exercise to come out with some interesting inn…

Mango Peach Lemonade | Virgin Mango Peach Lemonade

Come summers and the demand for cold drinks, juices and mocktails at our home shoots up dramatically. Mango Peach Lemonade is something that was on my mind for quite a while but due to some family commitments, was not able to make the same. Finally, got the opportunity to make this beautiful sunshine drink over the weekend and to my surprise it came out outstandingly awesome. Did I tell you, it got over in just a day? Well! I had made two big pitchers of it and me and my husband finished both the pitchers in just few hours. Extremely delicious and satisfying, it is a go-to recipe if you are planning a party over the weekend and want to serve some beautiful homemade drinks to your guests. Not to mention, its absolutely color, preservative and alcohol free, so a perfect option to serve to kids as well. What say??? 


Fresh mango (peeled, cut into small cubes) - 1 cupPeaches (peeled, pitted and cut into small cubes) - 1 and 1/2 cupsSugar - 1/2 cupWater - 3 to 4 cups, based on y…

Black Forest Trifle

This beautiful Black Forest Trifle is a delightful take on the classic Black Forest Cake, filled with layers of delicious and moist chocolate crumb, dollops of whipped cream and fresh cherry compote.

I had this dessert on my mind for quite some time and was just waiting for the cherry season to arrive so that I could whip up the fresh cherry compote to use in the pudding. As soon as I saw these tiny little ruby fruits in the market last week, I picked up my first batch and was soon in the kitchen making the compote. Trust me, the aroma of cherries bubbling in the sugar syrup along with star anise was simply out of the world that transported me to a food heaven.

Once the compote was done, I cooled it down in the refrigerator for a couple of hours; the rest of the assembling was quite simple because I already had few pieces of chocolate brownies lying in the refrigerator. All I had to do was whip up the cream and assemble the pudding in layers. 

Ingredients (serves 2)

Chocolate cake/bro…

Mango Custard | How to Make Mango Custard | Mango Custard Recipe

Its raining mangoes and all I can think of is making use of these delicious fruits in one or the other way. There are numerous dishes that I have tried with mangoes in the past; Fresh Mango Cake, Mango Kulfi, Mango Lassi, Gujarati Mango Kadhi, the ever popular Raw Mango Panna and Mango Sabudana Kheer are few of them. As its the holy month of Ramadan, I thought of trying yet another dish with these sunshine fruits that could be made well ahead of time and enjoyed during Iftari; at the same time it had to be light and cooling to the palette considering how hot and scorching the weather is. So, here I have on my blog today, the extremely easy MANGO CUSTARD which is made with readymade vanilla custard powder and fresh mango puree. A little hint of saffron adds that much needed royal touch to this sinful dessert. Do try and I promise you will fall in love with it!!


Milk - 2 cupsFresh cream - 1 cup, I used Amul Fresh CreamVanilla custard powder - 3 tbspMango puree, preferably fre…

Gujarati Fajeto | Ras No Fajeto | Ripe Mango Kadhi

Fajeto is a famous curry recipe from the state of Gujarat. Made with a mixture of sour curd, gram flour and ripe mango puree, it is an ultimate delight loaded with tongue tickling "khatta-meetha" flavors that go oh so well with some plain steamed rice and papad on the side.

Traditionally, Fajeto is light on the palette and does not have any pakodas added to it, but me being a Punjabi, have added onion and spinach pakodas to the recipe for that extra zing; you are free to skip them altogether. Also, while making this kadhi make sure that the curd is really sour, if not so, it might result in a kadhi that is overly sweet which shall ruin all the taste.

Not to mention, if you are hosting a summer party and looking to add variety on your table, I promise this Gujarati Mango Kadhi would be show stopper with its unique and appetizing flavors. Do try it out!!

Off to the recipe below...


For Kadhi Sour curd - 2 cupsMango puree - 1/2 to 3/4 cupWater - 1 cupBesan - 3 to 4 tbsp…

Eggless Whole Wheat Fruit & Nut Cake [No Oven Method]

My husband has a big big sweet tooth and he needs a dessert for sure to enjoy after his meals. That is the reason, I always keep something ready to satiate his sweet cravings. While last week, I made a batch of ALMOND & ROSE KULFIS, this week I thought of getting my hands on this beautifully soft and moist fruit & nuts cake. And guess what! I actually baked it in a thick bottomed pan because my oven had gone for a toss a few days back. Trust me, it came out so beautifully done and melt in mouth that it got vanished in no time. Looking for the recipe? scroll down below.


Whole wheat flour - 1 cup + for coating the nuts
Corn flour - 1.5 tbsp
Powdered sugar - 1/2 cup + 2 tbsp
Softened unsalted butter - 1/4 cup + 1 tbsp
Curd - 1/2 cup
Water - 4 tbsp
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Baking powder - 3/4 tsp
Baking soda - 1/4 tsp
Vanilla essence - 1 tsp
Mixed dried fruits & nuts (raisins, walnuts, tutti frutti) - 1/4 cup

Any dried fruits like dried cranberries, blueberries, apricots etc…

Bread Kulcha (Stove Top Recipe) | How to Make Bread Kulcha | Bread Kulcha Recipe

Have you ever craved for those street style mouthwatering Matar Kulchas? Well, I was craving them since morning today so thought of having them for evening snacks. I soaked the dried yellow peas but unfortunately didn't have the kulchas in my pantry. Plus, I always wanted to try making these bread kulchas at home so, this was a great opportunity to get going. Trust me, they came out absolutely bakery style and we enjoyed them immensely with the lipsmacking dry matar ki chaat. You won't believe my husband was shocked to know later that these bread kulchas were homemade and not store-bought. If ever, you too are craving for chholey or matar kulche and are short of the kulchas, here's a fool proof recipe that will give you fantastic results. Do try it out !


All purpose flour (maida) - 2 and 1/4 cupCurd - 2 tbspInstant dry active yeast - 1 tspWarm water - 1/2 cupOil - 1 tbspSalt - 1/2 tspHoney/sugar - 1 tspMix of crushed dhaniya and chili flakes - 1 to 2 tbspFinely …