Chholey Palak | Indian Spiced Spinach and Chickpea Curry [Vegan + Gluten Free]

Chholey Palak, Chane Palak, Saag Chholey or the Spinach and Chickpea Curry is a delectable North Indian Recipe that is seasoned with some freshly ground fragrant spices, making it oh so flavorful and yummilicious. This beautiful curry makes for a perfect treat to be served on special occasions and dinner parties along with aromatic zeera rice, garlic naan or lachcha parantha on the side. It pairs really well with some crisp pooris too. Not to mention, chholey palak is packed with whole lots of nutrition and goodness of spinach, making it an ideal meal to be served to kids as well.

You may notice that this recipe is bit lengthy so, to ease my job, I often keep a batch of blanched and frozen spinach puree stored in my refrigerator. Trust me, the frozen puree provides me with all the convenience and flexibility of using it anytime in any recipe that I wish to, be it PALAK PANEER, ARBI PALAK MASALA or PALAK CHICKEN. You may also go ahead and store the puree frozen; and I am sure this tip …

Chana Dal Stuffed Crispy Aloo Tikki | Aloo Tikki Recipe | How to Make Aloo Tikki

Our summer vacations in childhood days ought to be spent at our Nana Ji's (maternal grandfather) place in Delhi. And often the vacations coincided with the arrival of monsoons, which necessarily meant a trip to the famous Roshan Di Hatti in Karol Bagh to relish the shop's crisp tikkis and gorge on their ever popular and melt-in-mouth kulfis. I still remember how we all cousins would barge into the shop and fill the place with our non-stop chit chats and endless fun & masti while hogging onto their chatpata stuff. Oh, what fun days were those!! ironically, things have changed these days with everyone getting so busy in their jobs and family lives; and those fun gatherings being taken over by just whatsapp group messages and forwards. 

Coming back to the Aloo Tikki, well, you all must be thinking what made the ones served by Roshan Di Hatti so special? Number one: a super crisp crust with a subtle seasoning and number two: a super spicy and tongue tickling chana dal filling…

Punjabi Mutton Curry | How to Make Punjabi Mutton Curry | Mutton Curry Recipe

Punjabi Mutton Curry is a delectable every day curry made with goat meat in most of the Punjabi households. Onion, tomato and a little amount of curd form the base of this beautiful curry, which is then seasoned with some fragrant powdered spices making it so very flavorsome and delicious.

My husband is quite fond of non-vegetarian food, especially mutton. The punjabi home style mutton curry is something he immensely relishes with some garlic naan and rice on the side. On the contrary, I am not that fond of red meat, so, mutton is only occasionally cooked at our home as compared to chicken and sea food.

And last week, just out of the blue, I had this thought of making this flavorful mutton curry all of a sudden. Instantly ordered about a kilo of goat meat from a famous butcher shop nearby and surprised my husband with his favorite curry on the dinner table after quite some time. Not to mention, the aromatic Zafrani Pulao served on the side was a game changer and made our dinner that d…

Punjabi Kathal ki Sabzi | North Indian Dry Unripe Jackfruit Curry

Kathal, also known as Jackfruit is one of my favorite vegetables that can be found in Indian markets around July-August for a short period. The fibrous fruit with its shredded meaty texture makes for an apt substitute for non-vegetarians and you would be surprised to know kathal is often used for mock meat dishes in South East Asian countries.

While this beautiful vegetable/fruit is quite delicious, there is only one negative factor to it; it's hard skin and an itchy sticky liquid that oozes out of it that makes cutting jackfruit a messy and difficult task. However, having said so, I'll share a foolproof trick to ease out the cutting process; just grease your hands and knife with generous quantity of mustard oil while skinning and cutting this fruit. Applying mustard oil will ensure you don't face any itchiness, thus, making the whole process a piece of cake.

These days, already skinned and chopped jackfruit pieces are also available in the vegetable markets. If you wish t…

Spaghetti in Creamy Broccoli Spinach and Walnut Sauce

Weekend dinners at our place are meant for some Non-Indian recipes, highly preferable being Thai, Italian or Chinese. This beautiful recipe of spaghetti in creamy broccoli, spinach and walnut sauce is something that was the showstopper on our table last Saturday night and was loved to the core by everyone in the family.

The sauce of this spaghetti recipe makes for its fundamental ingredient. Loaded with spinach, broccoli and walnuts, its rich in vital nutrients such as iron, calcium, anti-oxidants and essential amino acids. The best part is, it comes together in no time and can be used in variety of dishes other than pasta. Use it as a spread on your favorite bread or have it as a dip along with nachos, chips or any other crispies. And oh! did I tell you, this sauce is very light in terms of calories as it is sans off the cheese and cream. So, if you are watching your weight and crave for some creamy pasta, this is just for you; enjoy it without any guilt.


For Sauce

Arbi Palak Masala | Colocasia and Spinach Curry

Arbi or Taro Root and Palak combined together make for a yummilicious and highly nutritious vegetable curry that goes awesomely well with hot phulkas, chapatis, paranthas and rice. One of my most favorite curries, it comes together just under 30 minutes and makes for a perfect dish to be carried in school and office lunch boxes. Being excessively rich in fiber content, this arbi palak masala is great for those suffering from gut problems and dealing with diabetes. Additionally, palak or spinach in this recipe makes it a great contender for anemics and to-be mothers too.

Health benefits apart, if you are looking to add some variety on your dinner table, it makes for a perfect recipe to be served and rest assured, it will be a hit with your family in no time. Don't agree? do give it a try and then thank me later ....😊   


Arbi/Colocasia - 200 gramsPalak/Spinach (washed and shredded) - 1 cupTomato puree - 1/2 cupWhisked curd/yogurt - 1/4 cupGreen chilies (finely chopped) -…

Jamun Panna | Indian Java Plum Cooler

Jamun or the Indian Java Plum is one of the most nutritious and healthiest fruits available during summers in India. The purple fruit is known to aid in digestion, also keeping you at bay from the harsh sunstroke that is common during summer months. Jamun is extremely good for people suffering from diabetes as it helps keep blood sugar levels in check. Having endless number of health benefits, Java Plum surely makes for an ideal choice to be used in myriad of dishes.

Being summers, the best recipe that I could think of making use of Jamuns is this beautiful lip-smacking panna which is loaded with subtle flavors of mint and roasted cumin powder. A power-packed cooler, it is an instant refresher and energy booster. Do try it out to benefit from its exceptional nutritional values!



Jamun/Indian Java …