Eggless Whole Wheat Chocolate Cream Biscuits

I remember how much I loved the chocolate sandwich biscuits in my childhood. Filled with a luscious, lickable chocolate cream sandwiched between layers of crisp and crunchy cookies, they were my best accompaniment to a glass of milk every morning. Even today, these biscuits happen to be my weakness; though we can easily get a variety of them from store, the satisfaction of baking these lovely beauties at home is simply inexplicable. Plus the heavenly chocolaty aroma that fills through the kitchen is something that instantly transports you to another world. No wonder, I am always in a lookout for reasons and occasions to bake them..

If you think baking them is a daunting task, let me tell you, its quite a simple chore much like baking any other biscuits. The only new thing with them, is making a butter cream frosting which also takes just a couple of minutes that too with only a few basic ingredients in hand. I must say the end result is simply fantastic with crunchy biscuit layers fi…

Restaurant Style Paneer Pasanda | Stuffed Cottage Cheese in Creamy Tomato Sauce

Paneer Pasanda is a rich and creamy delicacy from Mughlai Cuisine wherein stuffed fried cottage cheese cubes/triangles are dunked in a luscious tomato & cashew based gravy. This is a perfect recipe for parties, get-togethers and festive occasions.

Well, paneer or cottage cheese is one ingredient that is so so versatile. There are literally an endless number of recipes that can be cooked with it; palak paneer, shahi paneer, paneer butter masala, paneer tikka, kadhai paneer, matar paneer, paneer kofta and paneer bhurji are some of the common ones that are cooked most often at homes.

Coming to Paneer Pasanda, making it is slightly complex and time consuming when compared to other paneer dishes. But, just in case you want to add a variety to your usual paneer accompaniments, it makes for a perfect dish to go on your menu. It is one recipe that was long-due on my to-do list and fortunately I got the opportunity to make it last Saturday for a small get-together at our place. Shallow fri…

Kesar Rasgullas | Saffron Flavored Indian Cottage Cheese Balls

Rasgulla or Roshogulla is one sweet delicacy which is synonymous to the Indian state of West Bengal. The soft and spongy cottage cheese dumplings cooked in sugary syrup, make for an ultimate delight for all those with a real sweet tooth. Though this palatable Bengali dessert is quite common and is easily available in every sweet shop throughout India, yet nothing can beat the satisfaction which you get making it with your own hands. But let me tell you, making this dessert demands a lot of patience and skill. I tried making the rasgullas couple of times, but every time the result was a disaster; either my rasgullas turned out to be flat, remained uncooked from inside or turned out to be hard with a thick sugar syrup coating. After about 5 to 6 tries and after seeing couple of recipes on the internet, finally I got what I was waiting for, the perfect spongy rasgullas with a juicy inner core. I flavored them with a little saffron that made them all the more delectable. One can absolutel…

Thai Red Curry Flavored Veg Fried Rice

Thai Cuisine needs no special introduction; a unique blend of flavors with refreshing aroma of exotic herbs, unmatched sharpness of red chilies, soothing sweetness of coconut milk and a tantalizing tartness of limes, it has carved its own very niche on the international culinary platform. Truly speaking, Thai Food is all about a well balance of flavors: sweet, sour, spicy, salty and bitter.

Our love for this exotically flavorful cuisine started during our three years of tenure in Singapore, a country that truly deserves to be called a melting hot pot of South East Asian flavors, be it Thai, Malay, Korean, Japanese or Vietnamese. The best part was, since every ingredient used in Asian cooking was so easily available, I could try out many recipes at home....and Thai was always preferred over other cuisines because my husband was a big fan of Thai cuisine; off-course the credit goes to his frequent visits to Thailand for work where his taste buds got acquainted to all the enticing flavor…

Eggless Steamed Chocolate Cake

In my childhood, I remember when there was no oven at our home, my Mum would bake (rather steam) the cakes in her dhokla pot/steamer. Their super soft, moist and melt-in-mouth texture is something that I often yearn for till date. To satiate one such craving with my tea last evening, I went ahead, called my mother and asked her about the method and the recipe she used to prepare my favorite chocolate cake.

A no-fuss recipe with only few basic ingredients needed, my cake turned out absolutely delicious tasting exactly what I was craving for. This recipe is great for beginners and the ones who do not own oven but want to try their hands on homemade cakes. Do STEAM it and I bet, you are simply gonna love it.



All purpose flour - 1 cupPlain yogurt - 1/2 cupPowdered sugar - 1/2 cup + 1 tbspOlive oil - 1/3 cupMilk - 1/8 cup + 1 tbspBaking powder - 1 tspBaking soda - 1/4 tspSalt - 1/4 tspCocoa powder - 2 tbspVanilla extract - 1 tsp


Grease and flour an 8 inch baking pan and …

Dhaba Style Amritsari Chholey

Being hardcore Punjabis, Chholey is something we have grown up eating. I remember, my mom would prepare them at least twice a month and just in case, there was a party or get-together planned, menu was absolutely incomplete without these delicious finger licking curried chickpeas that were either served with pooris or the Punjabi quintessential “bhaturas”. 

Chholey is one delicacy that is made in different ways across the Indian households. Amongst all the varieties available, "Amritsari Chholey" are undoubtedly the best and obviously the most popular. A bit spicy and tangy oozing with lip smacking flavours, they make for an irresistible treat, especially on a comforting weekend afternoon. Pair them with a glass of buttermilk and you are certainly gone in the state of coma (well not literally 😂😂) for couple of hours...frankly speaking a good relaxing sleep is actually what I need after lunch on holidays to reenergise Chholey Bhaturey and Lassi is for sure my bes…

Kolkata Style Beetroot Chops

Come monsoons and my tastebuds start craving for all the chatpata fried stuff starting right from our very own comforting pakoras and bhajjis to spicy samosas and kachoris. While they make for an unmatched treat along with a cup of "garma garam adrak wali chai" (hot ginger tea) on a lovely rainy evening, just to add some variety to my list of monsoon snackers, this time I thought of getting away from the regular stuff and try something new.

I had heard of these delicious beetroot croquettes from my husband who spent almost 5 to 6 years of his childhood in Kolkata. The idea of using beetroot is what that instigated me (obviously because of its nutritional value and amazing color) and with lots of it readily lying in my refrigerator, I had another reason of actually trying out this popular delicacy from the streets of Bengal: the sweet & spicy Beetroot Chops, also famously referred to as Vegetable Chops in some parts of the region. 

What I know so far is, they are traditi…